Being a professional in the equine industry can be tough work, but there are a few ways to save money while providing your string of horses with top-quality products: sponsorships. In the competitive world of sponsorships, you have to know the right way to shine – which is where KTB Creative Group can help!

1. Know Your Audience

You probably already are aware of your audience if you sell horses or take on clients for lessons. What discipline is your speciality? What is the age group of clients in your barn? Who currently follows you on your social media? Understanding your audience means you can better advocate for sponsorships from companies with a similar clientele. 

2. Create a Media Kit

Presenting yourself as a professional with a well-made media kit is a good idea to make your way to the top of sponsor lists. By providing them with key items such as your career highlights, upcoming performance goals, current horses in your barn, etc. you can give businesses an idea of who you are and what they can expect. 

3. Brandish Your Network

Sponsors are looking for equestrians with a large reach and a good personality. Part of the exchange you are making for the products you will receive is to act as an advertisement to your network so that they purchase products and engage with the sponsoring company. Including details on your reach both on social media and in your local community can help to educate sponsors on your value. 

4. Spotless Socials

Before reaching out to a potential sponsor, go through your website and social media and remove anything unprofessional. You want sponsors to see a tidy, professional image when they review your online presence.

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