A part of many marketing strategies, email newsletters are a great way to keep your current customers and clients up-to-date, and to attract new ones. Does your equine business need an email newsletter? If yes, what should it contain? We’re here to answer the most common questions we hear from clients about newsletters as a marketing strategy. 

Do I need an email newsletter?

Running an equine business can be a little different than other companies. While it might not make sense for a small training barn to send out monthly newsletters, larger operations and product-based businesses could benefit from building an email list and communicating new offers and exciting updates to clients and customers.

If your business:

  • Consists of repeat customers/clients 
  • Has a member base element
  • Frequently has important news/information that would benefit clients/customers
  • Relies on an established community

… then you might need an email newsletter! 

Businesses such as large sales barns where new horses come in frequently and are often sold to an established list of trainers and riders, an equine apparel store, and sponsored riders or those with syndicates, are all examples of situations that can benefit from sending email newsletters.

The Benefits of Newsletters

Sending a newsletter can help to solidify your clients/customers as a community and creates an opportunity for a longer relationship. Packing your newsletter full of useful content can promote customer loyalty and add value. Newsletters can also be a great way to communicate goals and expectations and to request feedback from your community.

Content Strategy for Your Newsletter 

What you include in your newsletter is dependent on the type of business you run and the newest information available that you need to share with your email list. Boarding facilities could share news about new boarders, upcoming clinics and shows, recent show results, and changes in rules. Product-based equine businesses could share new products, upcoming sales and events, and other brand or software updates. Sponsored riders or syndicates can share show results, training insights, and other valuable information that owners/sponsors might want to see.

If you frequently find that you don’t have enough content to fill a newsletter, that may be an indication that you don’t need one for your business. Social media or single-send emails may be more appropriate for your situation.

Make It Personal

If you’re using a newsletter for your marketing strategy, you probably already know the importance of staying consistent in your branding and voice. If you haven’t established your brand, take a look at this article on developing brand identity to get started. Follow brand guidelines in the design of your newsletter including the colors, headers, and font style. Be sure your content is written in your voice and is relatable to your audience.  

Consistency Is Key

Whether you choose to release your newsletter weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, consistency is important. You don’t want to flood the inbox of your email list with an overwhelming amount of emails, but leaving them expecting information that never comes also isn’t a great way to build loyalty. Choose a frequency and aim to send your newsletter accordingly. 

If you think a newsletter might be right for your company, but don’t know where to start, KTB Creative Group can help! Reach out to us about our digital marketing services for equestrians!